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Christian love life

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The love chapter of Scripture is not really the best choice of a reading at any and all weddings. What we have here are some radical principles of conduct that pertain to the Christian. The passage is not talking about love; it is talking about Christian love. Of course, any Christian love life where there is a commitment to love in the name of Christ, where there is love to Christ, at such a wedding the reading of this chapter of Scripture is definitely appropriate.

The context of this chapter is concerned with the place of extraordinary gifts at the Corinthian church. That is, they are to pursue the more useful gifts, even if these are less attractive. In effect, he says he will do this first before expanding on the various gifts and their relative merits cf.

He is saying that he will show them an excellent way to pursue the better gifts. That is the way of love. Love is a way to seek, obtain, and use the better gifts.

It is the way to them and the pathway on which to carry them. This focus on the gifts is clearly part of something greater. Something excellent, love, puts them into perspective. Thus he cites Christian love life gifts Christian love life are scooped up by this excellence but he broadens out to the whole of life to contexts where gifts may or may not be present. Love is like a huge end loader that scoops up everything in its path; the gifts are one thing in particular.

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So if we want balance on the gifts and moreover if we want a balanced life, then love is the way. If we want to avoid extremes and hit a meaningful center, then we need to look again and often at 1 Corinthians Here an excellent way is mapped out Christian love life us.

I think it is safe to say that there is nothing more insisted upon in the entire Bible than love.

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To what am I referring? But the Ten Words are summarized in two commandments. All the law hangs on the two precepts of loving God and your neighbor Matt. Each division of the law is summarized in particular by love Rom. If you want to know how to love God, you can look to the brief and pointed summary found in the first four commandments.

If Christian love life want to know how to love your neighbor, you can look to the guiding summary of the last six commandments. Christian love life

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There is no essential antithesis in Scripture between law and love. Tension between these principles occurs where there is abuse and misunderstanding.

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Legalism and antinomianism are extremes to be avoided but they do not testify to some essential inner tension between law and love. Remarkably, love is Christian love life a law, a commandment and the laws define how to love. This speaks of an importance that is difficult to overstate. The way of love is the way of excellence.

It is this spirit that is commended to us by the work of Christ. His food and drink was to love God in absolute submission to His authority.

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And He only did what the Father showed Him: Love is the essence of the new order of things defined by a new commandment: You will not earnestly Christian love life to honor and glorify someone you do not love. Love for God is underneath, behind, above, and in front of the love of 1Corinthians Thus whole Bible Christianity accents the importance of love and in so doing accents the excellence of Christian love. But these seem to be fruits of love or attributes of love. Using a sliced pie as an illustration, we may say that all these things are slices of the pie.

Likewise, from all the fruits or ingredients Christian love life definition can we give of love? We have titled it Christian love. So what is precisely intended by calling it Christian love?

It is an excellent way. It is a way of life that takes in the gifts but it takes in much more as well. It is a way of life, a pathway for seeking, obtaining, and exercising the gifts in a proper way of the highest quality of excellence.

It must therefore be associated and defined by the narrow way of which Jesus spoke. Thus, involved in the excellence of Christian love are the guiding principles of the law of God that define love for God and for the neighbor.

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It is a high and noble road. Christian love means loving God in Christian love life neighbor. It is a wholehearted choice to serve God in all earthly things cf.

We must come to this conclusion due to the great stream of fruits that flow from this fountain, fruits of good from what was formerly a corrupt tree with moral inability.

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From the corrupt tree comes only corrupt fruit Matt. So the heart must be made into a good heart, a heart of flesh instead of stone Jer. Thus we want to image Christian love life emulate Him. We see for example His loving work in the six days of creation serving man and we are stirred up to likewise do our work as a service to others in love for them.

In this way we are like our Father in heaven cf. This chapter gives us a look at the love of God reflected in redeemed image bearers. It is the love of the triune God displayed in the lives of saved sinners. Hence the matchless excellence of this love. It is Christian love life love, Christ-like love. It is godly love, God-like love. It is spiritual love, Spirit-like love.

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Defined like that we have to be impressed with the excellence of this love. Love must therefore be a principle implanted in the heart by Love from above. We love Him because He first loved us. His love is causal of our love. It is a divinely produced love associated with saving faith as the gift of God that is being referred to in Christian love life chapter. It is the key to genuine faith, a faith that works or the obedience of faith Christian love life as Paul states, faith works by love Gal.

Furthermore, love for God grows as we see His majesty and excellence with the eyes of faith. Then He is loved in the beauty of His holiness and thereby a similar motive generates love for holiness sake and thus a holy love that reaches the depths of the soul and extends to the neighbor near and far cf.

You cannot be loved by God without loving God and you cannot love God without loving your neighbor. This is the fullness of love toward which the Christian strives, even if with acknowledged frailty and weakness. Hence the excellence of Christian love.

By His gift Christian love life saving love, our eyes are opened to the perfection of God, to His excellence and thus a stream of love flows out from our hearts to God, to His people, and to mankind. There is no actual glory in the temporal final act even if they sparkle and dance like a comet across the canopy of heaven. Even suffering is vain without love cf. How it probes the heart to go through great troubles and deep waters. And a common resource is to know and affirm that there is a purpose for it.

Well, we know that God has His sovereign purposes and they are good. We have come to a profound and sober fact. Christian love life we have the necessity of love to give life meaning, dignity, and value. Love is necessary to give these things to our lives per our gifts, possessions, and our very bodies for time and eternity.

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