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How to make him kiss you

Sexy Video How to make him kiss you.

Getting a guy to kiss you can be incredibly difficult! Every girl knows how frustrating it can be to have to coax a kiss out of the boy you love.

Guys can be extremely mysterious and shy when it comes to things like kissing and sex. By coaxing him little by little, he may finally be brave enough to kiss you and keep his little ego intact.

There are multiple ways to get a guy to kiss you. Most of them follow similar patterns. Men are humans too and they have emotions and wants.

Physical Closeness

He may never end up kissing you. There will always be a guy willing to kiss you! You never need a guy to give you attention that badly. An important thing is to not give the men in your life too much power.

It is fun to kiss and be physical with the opposite sex, but sometimes they can be dangerous or violent. Make sure you know who you are kissing before taking your relationship any further.

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A post shared by Studio Nine Photography studioninephoto on Oct 12, at 8: If you want a deeper connection you are going to have to convey to him how you feel, either verbally or physically. Touching is awkward and can even be harrowing to some.

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