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Keira knightley elizabeth swann

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Elizabeth Swann later Elizabeth Turner is a fictional character in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. She is known to use the alias "Elizabeth Turner", but this Keira knightley elizabeth swann becomes her married name when she weds the character Will Turner played by Orlando Bloom.

Only Will Turner's affections were reciprocated, although she struggled with a subtle attraction and kiss with Sparrow, and a compassionate friendship with Norrington. Throughout the three films, she transforms from a young girl to a proper lady and finally into a courageous pirate. Elizabeth has always been fascinated by piracy, but she is often revolted by pirates' aggressive, wild nature.

Even after becoming a pirate, Elizabeth retains her refined ways, as well as her loyalty and compassion Keira knightley elizabeth swann loved ones including Will Turner, her father, and later, Jack Sparrow and James Norrington. Elizabeth adapts easily to piracy, having natural leadership abilities.

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She learns seamanship quickly, and finds that she has an innate talent for battle strategy. She learns swordsmanship from Will, and is soon capable of defending herself against multiple opponents, fighting with two swords simultaneously.

She later uses a Chinese Jian sword and also carries a multitude of other weapons on her person including knives, firearms, and what appears to be a small grenade. She freely speaks her mind even if it offends others; for example, she calls a potentially dangerous enemy, Sao Feng, a coward. During her reign as Pirate King, Keira knightley elizabeth swann proves to be a charismatic leader and inspires the other pirate lords to battle Cutler Beckett 's fleet.

Elizabeth's darker side is shown when she sacrifices Jack Sparrow Keira knightley elizabeth swann the Kraken so she and the crew can escape. However, she feels so guilty about it that she later helps rescue Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker. Following the film's prologue, Elizabeth Swann is approximately 18 years oldabout 5' 7" tall with a slender figure, brown eyes, and dark blonde hair. Having been raised in upper-class society as a governor's daughter, Elizabeth is a refined and elegant young lady.

As a young girl, she wears a blue dress in this style, and, eight years later, her father presents her with a gold-colored frock to wear at Commodore Norrington's promotion ceremony.

Elizabeth is kidnapped wearing a long, floral cream-colored dressing gownthough Captain Barbossa later insists she wear a red dress, previously owned by another lady; she is forced to return it prior to walking the plank and being marooned on a deserted island, clad only in a long white chemise.

After being rescued by Commodore Norrington, Elizabeth is loaned a Royal Navy uniformthe first time she is seen in men's attire. At Jack Sparrow's execution, she is once again fashionably attired, wearing a peach-colored gown and a picture hat. In Dead Man's Chestas Elizabeth's character and circumstances change, so does her wardrobe.

Although she is first seen in an elegant wedding gown and a long lace veilElizabeth later disguises herself as a cabin boy, wearing brown breechesa white shirt Keira knightley elizabeth swann, brown bootsa red waistcoata black beltand a brown tricorne hat.

She wears this garb throughout the film. Exposure to the sun tans her skin and lightens her hair. In At World's EndElizabeth first appears in Chinese peasant clothing and a coolie hat while paddling a small boat through Singapore's waters.

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She is forced to wear only a short robe upon entering Sao Feng's bathhouse. Later, Elizabeth wears Keira knightley elizabeth swann long armored coat while traveling. As a captive aboard Sao Feng's ship, Elizabeth has been dressed in a long red cheongsama sleeveless full-length blue overcoat both probably silkand a studded turquoise phoenix crown.

She later dons Chinese battle dress. During her one-day on the island with Will, she is clad in a black tunic. In the scene set ten years later, she is wearing a long skirt and a double-breasted brocade waistcoat over a white puffy-sleeved shirt, probably cotton or linen. Throughout the trilogy, Elizabeth Swann is portrayed as a spirited, intelligent, and independent-minded character who often chafes at the restrictions imposed on her gender and social rank. Early on in the first movie she often fantasizes about pirates and life at sea.

This may have been fueled somewhat by her association with another character, Will Turnerwho eleven-year-old Elizabeth met when she and her father, Governor Weatherby Swann were en route Keira knightley elizabeth swann Port Royal eight years earlier.

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Will, also about eleven, was found adrift at sea, the sole survivor of a pirate attack. During his rescue, Elizabeth briefly glimpsed a mysterious ship slipping into the mist—a vessel foreshadowing her destiny.

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The story continues eight years later, and Elizabeth is now a marriageable age. Back then matrimony was a common means to forge strategic political alliances and advantageous social connections rather than loving unions, she is expected to wed a respectable and prosperous man equal or superior to her in rank.

Elizabeth prefers marrying for love, and she may secretly harbor feelings for Will Turner. But Will, a Keira knightley elizabeth swann blacksmith, is an unsuitable match for such a well-born lady. And although Will secretly loves Elizabeth, he knows his place and keeps his feelings deeply hidden.

Governor Swann, meanwhile, desires that his daughter marry Commodore James Norringtona respected Royal Navy officer who Elizabeth admires but does not love. Ironically, it is Norrington who sets events into motion that not only alter Elizabeth's fate, but also his own and Will's.

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During Norrington's marriage proposal, Elizabeth, whose tightly laced corset nearly suffocates Keira knightley elizabeth swann, faints and falls off a rampart and into the bay. Her unlikely rescuer, and the catalyst for her transformation from a demure lady into a daring pirate, is the notorious Captain Jack Sparrownewly arrived in Port Royal to commandeer a ship.

Despite Sparrow's gallant actions and against Elizabeth's protests, he is promptly jailed for piracy and sentenced to hang.

That night, a pirate ship, the Black Pearlraids Port Royal.

It is the same ship Elizabeth spied in the fog eight years earlier. When she is taken hostage it is discovered that she possesses Will's gold medallion that she took from him after his rescue, fearing it marked him as a pirate.