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Bass and flinders cruises

Pics Gallery Bass and flinders cruises.

We were on the old police cruiser Norman T Allan? Spent time up top with the Skipper who pointed out different areas of interest.

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Our cruise left Sans Souci wharf and up the Georges River to Lugarnowhere we stopped for a beautiful Lunch, then returned and as the tide was low enough went under Captain Cook Bridge to Towra Point.

Booked the Bass and flinders cruises from the UK with no issues and communication via Email of the procedure to board and how to get into Darling Harbour were sent a couple of days before the cruise.

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On the evening of the cruise we turned up 30 minutes before hand and boarding was reasonable well organised via the issuing of coloured wrist bands identifying the correct boat. There was a little confusion on which berth to board from but this was quickly resolved via the staff who we found friendley and helpful. We boarded the Sea Cat 2 which was a small two deck boat but the number of people on board was not excessive as at midnight there was enough room for everyone to view Bass and flinders cruises fireworks from the open top deck.

There was only one toilet which as most folk on the boat were drinking ment there was always a que. We initially went into the harbour and viewed the parade of boats and then positioned on the Balmain side of the bridge but it was excellent Bass and flinders cruises we were the nearest boat to bridge apart from a police launch, therefore we had a totally unobstructed view of the full bridge. After the fireworks the boat returned promptly to Darling harbour and disembarkation was once again well organised.

I can't think of a better way to view this spectacular event without having to camp out or pay considerabley more money.

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The simplest way to view the city from the water The night tour during Vivid was what we were after and we got it, so a good result. Excellent light show with the entire city as a backdrop. However, you can walk over the harbour bridge for a great view, you can walk round to Rose Bass and flinders cruises for a great view.

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The cruise set Bass and flinders cruises itself lacked slickness, there were two vessels at the same pier and no obvious way of determining which you should get on orfor those with little common sense, an obvious place to stand out of the way of disembarking passengers. The "included bar and coffee and teas facilities" on our vessel were worse than a non existent mini bar in a shabby hotel. They ran out of tea, then hot water, within 5 minutes and the red wine available cold and over priced.

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Vessel set off late and came back early, so the 1. Despite the wet weather the fast ferry provided a wonderful vessel to view the Ferry Race.

Not only did we see the race to follow the ferries but we had plenty of space to move around and see the spectacle. A great way to be part of the festivities. It was a fabulous idea to be able to bring your own food and drink as it meant it was affordable for families.

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